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Brain coupling

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Have you heard of brain coupling or neural entrainment? Did you know that our bodies vagus nerve has the ability to tune into people’s speech?

Neuroscientist, Uri Hasson researches neurological basis of human communication and storytelling. In one study, five people listen to the same personal story told aloud. Before the recording begins, their brains show rather different activity—then once the story starts, their brain activity becomes synced, or what Hasson calls “aligned.”

To understand what causes alignment, Hasson’s team breaks the story down into its components—by first playing the story backward; then nonsense sounds put together into words; then scrambled sentences. At first the brains show a small amount of alignment, but not one that spreads deeper into the brain. Critically, it’s not until the listeners hear a ‘real-life story’ that high-order areas like their frontal cortices begin to align.What this shows is that alignment comes from more than just auditory information, says Hasson.

In another experiment, Russian speakers and English speakers listened to the exact same story told in their respective languages, and brain activity still aligned. If this highlights anything it shows us, that people with a platform can be disproportionately powerful.

Even wonder why someone like Trump got into power or why current mass media works at influencing our every decision? Maybe people are simply brain coupling while they listen? It is incredible to think that even in different languages when we are truly engaged our brains are ‘aligning’. What are you aligning to today - listen to your body for better health, inner kindness and self care

Click here for Tedtalk on more info on brain coupling

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