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Mercury (merc-viv) - Homeopathic Themes

The physical constitution of Mercury has often been likened to a mercury in a thermometer – reactive to changes in temperature. Sensitive patients not only be over-sensitive to heat and cold, but also to many other changes in his environment.

Keynote – Unstable, The position of power is being threatened : enemies surround them

Homeopathic Themes


  • Changeable / un stable / Irresolution

  • Hurried and restlessness, is constantly changing from place to place

  • Weak memory, forgetful, lack of concentration

  • Apprehensive, paranoid, suspicious - OCD

  • Anxiety, anguish, trembling and sweat

  • Senses impending evil.

  • Depression. Weary of life. Loss of will power. Withdrawal

  • Suicidal

  • Poor self-confidence. Disgust.

  • Indifference to loved ones.

  • Anger and egotism (need for control)


oHead: pain: sensation of a vice

oThroat: pains: stitching <swallowing / extending to ears // glands swollen

oMouth: ulcers: metallic taste

oThick discharges: yellow, offensive

oAbdomen: stabbing pains

oStool: loose (colitis)

oExtremities: pain bones: trembling: drawing pains: weakness

oFever: chills – alternations

oSkin: ulcerative: itching / jaundice / moist

Generals << worse for - NIGHT, change of temperature, cloudy, fasting, sitting, rest, Right side >> better for – motion, open air, eating, walking, rubbing

Desires: bread and butter // alcohol, drugs, sweets, cold water

Agg, meat and sweets


Ars- Anxiety, miserliness, impulses, offensiveness, diarrhoea, ulceration, general syphilitic tendency.

Puls: Chronic otitis media of children, catarrhs with greenish

mucous, craving for butter.

PIb -Slowed speech, weakness of memory, tremor of hands,' Parkinson's disease.

Kali-br - Paranoia, anxiety disorder, fear of insanity, aggressive impulses, compulsive disorders, sleep disturbance. DD: Natriums, Anacardium, Causticum, Hepar sulphuris, Medorrhinum, Nux vomica, Staphysagria, Syphilinum.

DD Aurum: doesn’t feel so threatened, knows that all he has to do is to keep the organisation up and running. Mercurius feels that he is being threatened from all sides, that he has to manipulate and use all sorts of tricks to keep his power intact.

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