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Mercury (merc-viv) - Homeopathic Themes

The physical constitution of Mercury has often been likened to a mercury in a thermometer – reactive to changes in temperature. Sensitive patients not only be over-sensitive to heat and cold, but also to many other changes in his environment.

Keynote – Unstable, The position of power is being threatened : enemies surround them

Homeopathic Themes


  • Changeable / un stable / Irresolution

  • Hurried and restlessness, is constantly changing from place to place

  • Weak memory, forgetful, lack of concentration

  • Apprehensive, paranoid, suspicious - OCD

  • Anxiety, anguish, trembling and sweat

  • Senses impending evil.

  • Depression. Weary of life. Loss of will power. Withdrawal

  • Suicidal

  • Poor self-confidence. Disgust.

  • Indifference to loved ones.

  • Anger and egotism (need for control)