Your journey starts with an in-depth consultation, taking 1.5 hours initially, and will reveal  not just your current condition but the underlying causes and dynamics of our dis'ease. Your story, past and present, will no doubt be complex and as a homeopath it is my job to make the connections that will lead to an individualised prescription. Homeopathic treatment is a long term investment in your journey to better health, treatment is suggested to be a minimum of two follow up appointments to access your health progress. 

Follow-up appointments

Homeopathic treatment is a long-term investment to better health, treatment is suggested to be a minimum of two follow up appointments. Repeat consultations last 45 minutes, during which time I will assess the progress of your condition, and make any changes necessary to the remedy.

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Adults - First consultation:1.5hrs £95   

Follow-ups: 45mins £55

Children (under 16 years) - First consultation:1.5hrs £75    

Follow-ups: 45mins £45

Update October 2020

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What happens after your Homeopathy consultation?

Following the first appointment I will spend time working on your case and finding the most appropriate remedy, which I will then post to you. This can take up to a week (depending if I have the remedy in stock). The remedy will include instructions of how and when to take remedies.


The fee for the first appointment reflects the time spent during consultation and analysing the case outside this time.

Remedies will be sent out, postal charge at  £6.50 + (dependant on individual needs)


Occasionally a patient will be advised to make dietary changes or to use certain topical creams ( these are not included in the consultation fee).

  • Fees for homeopathic treatments are payable to the therapist at the consultation, by cash, bank transfer plus card machine payments.

  • Concessions are available on request for those who are in receipt of benefits or low income. If you require a concession, this MUST be made clear when booking your appointment.

  • Family treatment scheme - A reduced scale of fees - when more than one member of the family is treated. The discount will be applied to initial consultation appointments. Follow up fees will be charged at the normal rate. (Please contact for more info).

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