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Supervision is a key part of our profession - for me It is essential to becoming a competent, confident, creative and compassionate homeopath. Practicing as a homeopath is balancing all aspects of clinical practice - from patients, daily admin, professional development to running a self employed business. Supervision gives you a space to be supported in gaining balance and creating a practice which feeds your soul - both emotionally and physically. Personally I regularly visit my own supervisor and is integral element of my own expanding practice. 


What I offer

I offer a person centred approach, working according to your needs. My aim is to be supportive to each individual and response to different needs, whether it be case-work, materia medica knowledge, practical building, admin or emotional and personal issues arising from practice. I provide a listening space for enquiry to delve deeper into a fulfilling practice.  For more info on my background click here. 

I'm qualified supervisor and have completed Shelia Ryans Supervision sea change course  - I'm part of the supervisors and lecturing team at NWCH Northwest College of Homeopathy.

Additional to homeopathic training, I have trained in Shamanic Meditation. 


Supervision for Professional Practitioners:
1 hour session £60

Book via link - or email for more info 

Student Supervision

is an incredible experience where you learn to encompass all it means to be a homeopath with the support of myself and our Homeopathic school. Working together our aim is that by graduation you feel ready to begin the journey into professional practice.

Student fees - fees charged at recommendation of each college 

My Professional CPD

For me having a wide knowledge base of homeopathic approaches bring a deeper case analysis to support my patients. I'm always updating and broadening my skills as a clinical practitioner. There are many wonderful Homeopaths who inspire my daily practice and my CPD

A few include .... 

  • Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, Annette Sneevliet, Dr Jonathan Hardy, Louis Klein, Massimo Mangialavori, Bob Blair, Geoff Johnson, Ton Jansen and Ian Watson...

  • Crystal structure - Peter Tumminello 

  • Sensation method - Rajan Sankaran 

  • Plant system - Yakir

  • Personal Evolution Model - Mahesh Gandhi’s

Image by Lina Trochez
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