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Qualified from the Northwest College of Homeopathy's four-year training course in Manchester. During my studies, I  received the UK Student Achievement Award from the Society of Homeopaths. I continue my professional development through attending seminars, talks, clinical observation, study days and supervision groups.

My first experience of homeopathy was after being successfully treated for Post Viral Fatigue / CFS and autoimmune conditions. Homeopathy restored both my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I have been using homeopathic remedies personally ever since - as have my family members, both old and young.

I work mainly online with clients throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally with clients in different parts of the world. I love working with people from all walks of life - and seeing how much impact homeopathy can have on peoples lives. 

When not in clinic with patients - I enjoy creating Homeopathic publications and learning aids - see here.  I'm also part of the lecturing team at NorthWest College of Homeopathy and I supervise both professional and students Homeopaths - supporting them along their own journey. If you wish to know more about my supervision sessions - click here. 

Having worked in Napier's Herbalist, one of the UK's oldest herbalists - I gained knowledge in herbs and nutritional supplements. Additionally I have completed the postgraduate course in Homeobotanical's  - to know more click here. 

Before homeopathy, I studied Fine Art, and museum and gallery studies at St Andrews University. I believe homeopathy to be a wonderful combination of science and art. Which inspires better health and well being to all individuals, at all levels of health. I combine my love for both art and homeopathy through educational illustrations which you can follow on my facebook and instagram social media sites. 

Alongside homeopathy, I have a passion for Iygenar yoga, shamanic meditation and follow a paleo lifestyle, to maintain my own personal 'Journey to Better Health'. 

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