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Autoimmune & Homeopathy


Did you know there are over 100 autoimmune diseases ‘so far’ identified by medical science however there said to be over 250 which are undiagnosed or not labelled. In the UK over 4 million of the population are affected and 1.5 million by the ten most common. ​

Autoimmune conditions are becoming increasingly more common, with an annual increase  by 9% each year! 

Who is affected? anyone of any age can be diagnosed however the common age range for is between

35 - 55 years. Additionally Females are three times more than likely to develop AI than males. 

Hashimoto’s - thyroiditis

Lupus // 

Hyper & Hypothyroidism

Multiple Sclerosis

Celiac disease


Crohn’s // Ulcerative colitis 


polycystic ovaries syndrome

Rheumatoid Arthritis


POTS // 
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome


‘Mistaken Identity’
What is an autoimmune disease? It is when the immune system, the body’s natural self-defence system, starts to recognise the body’s own healthy tissues as foreign.

The Eternal Flame -
Inflammation in latin means to ‘light a fire’; Inflammation is a protective response intended to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury along with necrotic cells and tissue resulting from the original insult. ‘Inflammation accomplishes its protective mission by diluting, destroying, or otherwise neutralising harmful agents (e.g., microbes and toxins). It then sets into motion the events that eventually heal and repair the sites of injury’. Inflammation is usually found at the site of an injury or infection however in autoimmune disease - the bodies own defence system starts attacking itself. The result create chaos and havoc to our entire system - becoming stuck in an eternal flame pattern of fight or flight response.

Common Early onset Signs of Autoimmune conditions - 

  • Fatigue

  • Joint pain and swelling

  • Skin problems

  • Abdominal pain or digestive issues

  • Recurring fever

  • Numbness in the hands and feet

  • Hair loss

  • Swollen glands and immune depletion

  • Much more - Can be signs of early development 

Homeopathy's approach to supporting YOU! 
Are you affected by an autoimmune condition both emotionally and physically? How does this affected on a daily basis? What supports your healing journey? What emotions come up in your body? Where is the pain, what is the sensation of your pain? These are some of the questions I may ask you in clinic, it is about YOU and how YOU are affected rather than the label - Homeopathy support the whole person - Homeopathic consultations give you the space to truly feel heard and been seen. Homeopathy hears and sees you, all of you. Signs can be LOUD or very subtle - Homeopathy wants to hear them all and give them a place to be heard


Individualised Medicine

Healthcare which is matched to the needs of each patient  

Integrated healthcare

Can be used alongside ALL conventional medications and other holistic treatments 

Gentle and


Gentle form of healing working to resolve ill health at the root of an individual


Dealing with AI requires emotional support through healing ups and downs


Suggestions may be given to support daily natural lifestyle changes 

Create Your Autoimmune Health Tribe 
Feeling 'healthy' is not solely the absence of ill health or disease - it is being able to adapt to our surroundings in state of homeostasis whilst ‘able to express our emotions’. Dealing with AI conditions, flares and emotional difficulties can feel frustrating at times. 
This is where I believe our “Health Tribe” comes in, it may look like - 
🌿Seeing a Homeopath
🌿Herbalist // Nutritionist // Acupuncture
🌿Weekly Massage // Reiki healing
🌿Speaking with a Counsellor // coffee with a friend
🌿Creative outlet // Learning a new skill
🌿Long walks // extreme sports!

Lifestyle factors - 
Did you know ‘leaky gut’ syndrome is said to be one factor relating to inflammation, autoimmune reactions and allergies.
In general a healthy balanced diet, which removes individual’s food triggers, will contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. As is gentle exercise (depending on mobility, swimming, walking or even HIT), stress (work place and in the home), environmental factors and pollutants. all play a part in our health and wellbeing. 
Additional supplements such as herbal - Homeobotanical tinctures are a great support to our bodies system - find out more here. 

Green Goodness
Hatha Yoga
Natural Herbs
Creative Art
Let's work together
for better

My mission is for you to reach your potential

VITAL FORCE  in life.

Let's undercover the roots of DIS'ease and return you back to

HEALTH together

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Discovery Call

FREE 20min Introductory Phone call

Your opportunity to find out more on how homeopathy can support you, and about me. I understand it’s important for you to find the right person to work with. 

What to know more? get in touch - Book online

Trauma & Autoimmune 

AUTOIMMUNE & TRAUMA - There are many factors which can IGNITE autoimmune conditions. One factor can be Trauma. Research studies illustrate the affect traumatic events contribute towards developing AI several years after. 
Traumatic events can leave individuals in a state of fight or flight - suppresses our bodies and creating soil for chronic disease to manifest. (read more)

For information on the 4 Types of Trauma (click here). 




Gabor Mate

When the Body says No


Gabor Mate

In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts


Bessel van der Kolk

Body Keeps The Score


Giulia Enders



Sarah Ballantyne

The Paleo Approach

Where to start? Here are a couple of Book suggestions 

There are lots of great books out there - all books here I have read myself, a starting point for your reading collection. 

Journey to Better Health

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