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Ignis Alcholis (Fire) 🔥 - Homeopathic remedy

Fire 🔥 - is known to aid Transformation and purification. Fire is connected to our Solar plexus – where food is transformed into fuel for our strength. Alike to a fire in our bellies, sometimes this light is dampened or is burnt out through over thinking, worry over eating sugary foods.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Element = Heart organ, 11am - 1pm (and small intestines)

(opening at the tongue! tastes of summer and food a'plenty)

Season = summer // Emotions = Joy

TCM states the personality of a FIRE element can be seen as, 'People with strong Fire energy may be charismatic. They excel at commanding others to action. They may love talking and socialising. When the inner fire is healthy and bright we have high spirits. Our intuition and enthusiasm for life always guide us in the right place at the right time to meet the right people. We feel joy and a strong sense of purpose in our life. Positive emotions are: compassionate, joyful, spiritual, hearty, passionate, enthusiastic, respectful, polite, refined, patient, bright, loving, forgiving and happy."

What about when we are out of balance...?

Physical symptoms of Fire imbalance are high or low blood pressure, pain in the chest, buzzing in the ears, bloodshot eyes, shortness of breath, flushed complexion, hastiness and always hurrying.

Negative emotions are: impatient, hasty, insensitive, cynical, hateful, cruel, vicious, inconsiderate, mocking, thoughtless, tasteless, jealous, frustrated and disappointed.

Homeopathic Remedy Ignis Alcoholis -

remedy source from alcohol being burnt

Mentally Ignis can be quick to temper and irritable. They have a high esteem and believe themselves to be of great standing. Their delusions will be grand such as having magical abilities and having great strength. Alike to the themes of purification you may seen a obsession with cleanliness or need to be spiritually pure. Fire element has direction and a forward focus - this is seen in their highly driven career or life's purpose, 'fire does not let anyone get in his way or they burn down'.

Homeopathic Themes include

•• Strong Goals // A need for purpose in their life // spiritual - connect to the divine

•• Ambitious, Achievement, Anger

•• Purification vs disgust, dirty

•• Powerful energy

Clinical uses include...

- Stomach issues : lack of appetite or extreme hungry < salty / spicy foods

- Skin: burns / dry eruptions

- Back: pains

< worse for: left side, salt, smoke fumes

> better for: thunderstorm, alcohol (whisky), bathing

Delusions they are a great person - they are light and magic // enlightened //

enlarged body // hole in the stomach // devil + in Hell // Fire // DIRTY ++

Dreams: animals //fire // water - fish

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Phos. Solancaceae family - Hyos. Belladonna, Stramonium etc. Anac. Platina. Vert-album.

DRUG remedies / Nux-vomica / Syphilitic miasm

Proteus - Homeopathic bowel remedy

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

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