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Skin Microbiome and Homeopathy

Skin - Microbiome - Axis

Heard of the Gut - Brain Axis or the importance of gut health, a multi-diverse biome from fermented foods or prebiotics/ probiotics ...? The gut is NOT the only organ in the body which needs nourishment. Our SKIN MICROBIOME is the land forgot. Alike to our gut biome - skin biome is vital to our overall health. If you have ever suffered from breaks out spots after eating too much sugar & gluten or experienced a prickly rash after chemical products - You can understand the fine balance within our skin. One factor in skin health is a Leaky gut - which is when toxins, microbes, undigested food particles escape from your intestines and via your bloodstream - this when creates an inflammatory response. And for some individuals we see the inflammation on the skin.

There are many factors which shape the diversity of your skin microbiome - Studies show that breastfeeding and cervical / vaginal births can support healthy skin in babies. here . Other factors are age, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, clothing, digestion, hygiene habits, environmental surroundings, family history, and sunlight exposure all affect the types and amount of microorganisms inhabiting your microbiome. Lack of diversity can be shown in dryness, overproduction of sebum, breakouts, redness, or inflammation.

Microbial-immune interactions in the skin are vital for optimal barrier function, pathogen defense, and tissue repair with the production of key anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds to maintain healthy tissue homeostasis.

Our bodies are so interlinked - it is a complex relationship to keep our skin maintaining a healthy balance!

Skin Microbiome Fun Facts! Largest Organ in our Body!

Do your hands feel rough and dry from overuse of cheap hand sanitisers? Top Tips for Healthy Skin
  • Try an Organic Oatmeal Bath - fill a pillow full of oatmeal, place under the tap and enjoy a relaxing bath!

  • Ask yourself "I'm comfortable in my skin?" - emotions play a part in any condition, it may be time to address these negative patterns

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics - these increase itching and sweating on the top layer of skin

  • Switch it up! So many choices nowadays, Coconut Oil or Natural base creams with no perfumes - mix it up your microbiome loves diversity!

  • Add Probiotics - heal the gut, our second brain and Strengthen our skin biome too!

  • Switch to Natural Organic Hand sanitiser's such as Lavender natural antibacterial

  • Add a daily tissue salt which supports the liver detoxing such as Nat-sulp.

  • Do NOT over wash! Over washing and drying out the skin can cause imbalances - be kind to your skin!

  • Homeopathic treatment!

"Having a well-balanced microbiome plays an important role in your overall health, and the appearance of your skin. The microorganisms help produce vitamins, hormones, and chemicals that affect everything from your mood to metabolism to immune system".

Suffering from Skin conditions?

Psoriasis - Eczema - Allergies - Urticaria - Herpes - Ulcers - Blepharitis - much more

Can Homeopathy help? Yes!

When I start working with patients to support them in healing the skin - we look to the WHOLE picture of the individual's health, not just the skin - I may ask about your digestion, allergies, food cravings, how the weather affects you, family medical history and importantly your emotional and mental well being. "Are you comfortable in your own skin?" - it is common to experience anxiety, low mood or depression during a flare up. Skin is our outward 'shield' and this can leave us feeling venerable or 'ugly', hiding away. In the appointment I want to know how you are affected daily to find the right match of homeopathic treatment - we are individuals in our response. Why am I interested in these symptoms when you are seeking treatment for your skin? By looking at what other symptoms you are experiencing and treating the body as a whole, homeopathic treatment can help to un-root dis'ease.

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance

and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

See research paper here - The skin microbiome: impact of modern environments on skin ecology, barrier integrity, and systemic immune programming

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