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Homeopathic Organ Affinities - NEW PUBLICATION**

Homeopathic Materia Medica

Organ Affinities, written and illustrated by Kirstin Bruges

So excited to share with you all my newest publication, Organ Affinities, this has been in the making for over 2 years. Each illustration has been highly researched to include the best materia medicia sources and drawn with love for homeopathy. During the course of two years I put together 20 of the most commonly prescribed for organs in the body.

What does the process entail?

Each illustration is first hand drawn with pencil and ink, highly researched with a mix of materia medica text books (see references), then digitally coloured on ipad. The process was then to put them all together and format to bring the most to the user, YOU! The format is to support homeopathic learning for both homeopathic students and practitioners. I have always been dedicated to homeopathic education and visual learning - This particular publication is in a workbook format so YOU can add your own notes in response to the illustrations.

Why did start the project? The project first started as a personal learning journey to support clinic prescriptions and condense information. I felt there was a lack of homeopathic remedies and there organ affinities - usually written in large long reference textbooks. I wished the illustrations to be more 'accessible' to learning and bring a little fun to the process. Additionally I have a deep love for homeopathic materia medica ❤️ and feel the process of learning never stops.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I had creating it for YOU, ENJOY!

What is included?

•• 20 organ illustrations 🫁

•• Over 450 remedy index +

•• Traditional Chinese Medicine Organ Clock

•• workbook - space for your own learning notes

How to use the workbook?

This publication can be used as a workbook for both students and professional homeopaths. Each Organ illustration highlights common and lesser known homeopathic remedies which have an affinity for that particular organ. The book goes down the body and ends out at the skin – representing our homeopathic ‘law of cure’ from the internal organs outward and downwards. This publication was created to be used as an educational supplement. Each illustration has listed remedies with additional blank space for personal notes. A creative space for your own learning style - sketching, keynotes, top remedies, modalities etc. The aim for this publication is to support each homeopath to gain a deeper learning for organ affinities in relation to materia medica.

OVER 400+ remedies included and referenced!!

To purchase Homeopathic Organ Affinities - please see webshop CLICK HERE


The aim in creating this educational publication is to deepen your knowledge of homeopathic materia medica in relation to organ affinities.

This is NOT an definitive guide to all materia medica related to each organ – there is many more remedies. This is a guide of possible remedies which support the illustration. The information here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions, or to replace professional homeopathic or medical treatment.

Copyright © Kirstin Bruges Homeopathy

All images and illustrations hand drawn by Kirstin Bruges.

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied, reproduced, printed,

displayed, distributed or used for commercial or any other purposes without the

express prior written permission of the author. Source references included in back pages - all content, text, design and publication by Kirstin Bruges

Your support of the author’s rights is highly appreciated.

**Guidance is to seek a homeopath before prescribing any homeopathic remedies.

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

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