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A5 ringbind book - 48pages

Illustrations by Homeopath Kirstin Bruges

This publication can be used as a workbook for both students and professional homeopaths. Each Organ illustration highlights common and lesser known homeopathic remedies which have an affinity for that particular organ. The book goes down the body and ends out at the skin – representing our homeopathic ‘law of cure’ from the internal organs outward and downwards. This publication was created to be used as an educational supplement. Each illustration has listed remedies with additional blank space for personal notes. A creative space for your own learning style - sketching, keynotes, top remedies, modalities etc. The aim for this publication is to support each homeopath to gain a deeper learning for organ affinities in relation to materia medica. 

Index Organs - 1. Brain 2. CNS (Central Nerves System) 3. Eye 4. Ear 5. Teeth 6. Sinus 7. Thyroid 8. Lungs 9. Heart 10. Blood 11. Liver 12. Pancreas 13. Stomach 14. Bowel 15. Bladder 16. Breast 17. Female 18. Male 19. Joints 20. Skin 21. TCM - Organ Clock

with over 400 remedies referenced ​​​​​​​!

Homeopathic Organ Affinities - illustrative workbook

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