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Tissue Salts - Winter wellness

What are Tissue salts?

You may have seen Tissue salts in health food shops or in your local Holland and Barrat, but 'What are they?' Tissue salts were developed by Dr. Schuessler, a German Doctor and biochemical medic, identified that when human cells are turned to ash, they exhibit 12 inorganic minerals. When these 12 minerals are in balance we are said to be in a state of health. These minerals are also found in the earth - which link to our food sources such as calciums, sodium, potassium, phosphates etc.

His knowledge of biochemical medicine and Homeopathy, Dr. Schuessler formulated what we now know as Schuessler Tissue Salts. For example one his 12 salts is Silicea which is important in human bodies by strengthens connective tissue, bones, teeth. For healthy hair, nails and skin. Combined with the stress of daily life, lack of vital absorption in the body, ill health these 'salts' can become out of balance - simply put we may use them as an extra support. Alike to adding Vitamin D spray we can add a Tissue salt right for own individual body! Especially in the winter season! Extra resources on Tissue salts see here

Below is a few common Tissue Salts and their uses - great for the Home Acute First Aid Kit!

  • Ferrum Phos (Ferrum phosphate): The First Aid Salt this tissue salt is the oxygen carrier. Used in the early stages of acute disorders, such as sprains and strains. Please note: Rather than being an actual iron tonic it stimulates the uptake of iron & facilitates its assimilation.

  • Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate): 'Nerve relaxer' has an affinity for the nervous system and a deficiency can result in cramps and spasms. Quickly relieves muscular twitches, hiccups, cramps and sharp twinges of pain. It is particularly effective for menstrual pain.

  • Kali Phos (Potassium phosphate): is in all cells, especially the grey matter of the brain, nerves, muscles, blood cells and plasma. Useful for treatment of nervous conditions such as headaches, exhaustion, dyspepsia, insomnia, depression and lowered vitality.

  • Nat Phos (Natrum Phosphate): Regulates bile and is therefore indicated in gastric problems. a natural antacid, system neutraliser, stress reliever. For arthritis, stiffness, digestive complaints.

illustration Kirstin Bruges Homeopathy copyright - Download a FREE Homeopathic Magnesium Group - learning aid click here

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