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Homeopathic FAQs from patients

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Do you ever get confused by homeopathic terminology? Here is a short list of commonly used homeopathic words and frequently asked questions by patients


· Storage of remedies

How should I store my remedies?

Homeopathic remedies should be away from strong odours, in a dry and dark environment.

· Polycrest remedy

What is a polycrest remedy?

This is a well known remedy as it covers many different wide ranging symptoms such as arnica. The homeopathic medicines in the shop, and in the kits are known as polycrest's.

· Constitutional treatment

I was told I needed homeopathic constitutional treatment?

Constitutional treatment is conducted by a homeopath during a full consultation. This is where we aim to treat the whole person, rather than in an acute situation where we may be aiming to treat the physical symptoms. Constitutional treatment will boast an individuals whole being of health making them less susceptible to diseases. Constitutional treatment may last a few months or even years.

· Self prescribing

Should I self prescribe a homeopathic remedy?

In general I would say ok in an acute situation; if they have the right information. However, self prescribing can be difficult when we are in extreme pain or in a fever state.

I HIGHLY recommend that Individuals with chronic long term ill health should always seek homeopathic advice rather than self prescribe.

· Aggravation

Will I get an aggravation of my symptoms?

Whilst homeopathic remedies are side effect free. ‘A healing response’. They may be a healing response to a remedy as it is stimulating the body. This may mean a period of feeling worse before you heal and fully recover.

· Antidote

Can I antidote my homeopathic remedy?

I do not believe so however we ask all patients to take remedies away from strong tastes such as peppermint, coffee and 15 mins before or after foods. Dental work and Xray’s can antidote.

· Materia Medica

Where can I find more information on the remedy you gave me?

Materia Medica's is the term used for the collection of information on each remedy, details the indication for their use. The homeopathic dictionaries.

· Vital Force

What is the vital force?

This is the term used by our founder Hahnemann to describe the energy of an individual. It is said that the vital force is stimulated by the remedies to enable the sick to cure himself.

Hahnemann “The highest ideal is the gentle and full restoration of health to the sick”.

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

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