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Diet for Autoimmune Disease... but which one?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Questions I get asked in clinic...What can I do to start making lasting improvements in my health? I have an autoimmune condition?

As well as and alongside homeopathic treatment, some other suggestions I would recommend are;

Several diets, which are successful in reducing inflammatory conditions in the body, are AIP (autoimmune paleo protocol); Keto, genetic (high fat); specific carbohydrate diet. The main aim of these particular diets are to support the healing of ‘leaky gut’ syndrome which is said to be one of the main contributing factors to autoimmune reactions and allergies.

In general a healthy balanced diet, which removes an individual’s food 'triggers', will contribute to reducing inflammation in the body.

Patients may be interested in nutritional supplements such as Glucosamine; iron supplements (due to anaemia); omega 3s, fish oils; magnesium sprays; bromelain; alfalfa; turmeric and curcumin tablets from Pukka have highly regarded successful studies for the use of these herbs to combat inflammation.

Several others may recommend avoiding diary or gluten.

Also you cant go wrong with exercise! Its just as important as diet this could be in the form of swimming, walking or even HIT classes! My personal one is Pilates and yoga!

getting enough sleep!!! And of course stress (work place and in the home), environmental factors and pollutants....

these are just a few recommendations ....

This is what my plate looks like 80% of the time!


Dr Hyman is a great source of diets which I would recommend for autoimmune conditions

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