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SAD to Glowing for Winter 2020

For many of us being faced with dark, cold and wet mornings, followed by a day indoors working from home, will affect the mood for most of us. However does this prospect already scare you and take up your thoughts - are you counting down the days till November begins? This is a common symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - first labelled in 1984, it was given worldwide recognition by the medical profession after the release of the book Winter Blues in 1993. 

Individuals may experience feelings such as -
  • Low mood, feeling FRAGMENTED and worthlessness 

  • Sleeping for longer or difficulty in the morning

  • Irritability - lashing out or quick to anger

  • Feeling STUCK - Lethargic, WEAKNESS in energy and sleepy during the day

  • COLD internally - craving high carb hot foods 

  • Lack drive and motivation, DARK CLOUDS 

  • social problems – withdrawal from social situations,  LONELY, not wanting to see friends

  • loss of libido – decreased interest in sex and physical contact

  • weakened immune system – vulnerable to winter colds and flu

Why do some of us get SAD and others not? Some research highlights it as - 'our brain producing the hormone melatonin which helps your body get ready for sleep. Some people with SAD seem to produce much higher levels of melatonin during winter (which is also what happens to animals when they hibernate).'

While we may brush it off these signs as being extra moody, or just '2020 winter blues'. SAD is our bodies way of telling us to start putting ourselves first. This year, let's listen to our emotional and physical symptoms. 

There are many simple things you can do to Improve the winter months ahead, both small and big 
  • Light therapy or use a SAD lamps

  • Work up a sweat! increase exercise 

  • Make social plans - stick to them, try not to cancel on that wet day!

  • Use essential oil diffusers - add stimulating smells like grapefruit, bergamot or basil

  • Tap your Thymus Gland - be Tarzan each morning

  • Homeopathic treatment - there are many remedies to support the root cause of SAD symptoms 

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

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