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Petroleum - Homeopathic remedy

Petroleum is made from crude oil, is a hydrocarbon remedy - well known as a remedy for the skin however it has many sides and dark depths to this black sticky source. Also know as Crude oil - we in the carbon series realm in the periodic table.

Sigrid Bunny states, 'The energy of the Orient is the stone oil (= oil of Peter) corresponds to the blood of the earth, which we suck like ticks for short-term concerns. Created by great pressure and it ensures that everything runs like clockwork. They hold discomfort from suppressed emotions in their emotional world and attempt to function even under great pressure. Success, profit and career are of highest important, but also 'smooth' working in a team."

Element Composition of Petrolum -

Carbon 83 to 85% // Hydrogen10 to 14% // Nitrogen0.1 to 2% // Oxygen 0.05 to 1.5% // Sulfur 0.05 to 6.0%

Mentally Petrolum can be quick to temper, quarrelsome and irritable. They 'blow up', and get fixated by small trifles of the day. There can be a withdrawn and create insulation between others and within themselves. They see value and material self worth as important in their life, talking of business. The depression can be deep alike to a black bubble which engulfs and sticks to the very lower depths of their lungs - they may speak of being fossilised or stuck within the black. Increased delusions of suffocation.

Homeopathic Themes include

Suppressed anger, irritable, violent, explosive

Depression, with weakness of mind and body

Hurry / rushed - need to make money

⛽️ Industrial age, nostalgia for the past

• Travel; war; exploitation; material goods; money

• Skin; deep cracks, psoriasis, eczema

• Sea / car / pregnancy sickness; constipation

< worse for: winter, cold, bathing, cabbage

> better for: summer, lying down / </> eating - hunger increased ++

Delusion - double is // two limbs // two babies lying in bed

Dreams: spaceships // alienation // lewd //

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Sulphur. Very similar, the anger is more pronounced in Petroleum.

Graphites: Crusts and affects folds of skin. Mezereum: skin problems after vaccination or suppression with lots of anger and itching.

Nicotiana tabacum: sea + travel sickness

Plutonium nit / Nux-vomica / Syphilitic miasm / Haliaeetus leucocephalus / Scorpio: anger and depressive moods

Proteus - Homeopathic bowel remedy

For more information on how homeopathy can support you returning to a state of balance and repair. Do get in touch via my website or email

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