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A4 laminate fold out

Illustrations by Homeopath Kirstin Bruges

How to use this chart: This chart can be used as a supplement to any mineral case. The chart provides a visual representation of each series or row e.g ‘silicum series’, illustrating the common themes. Inside the periodic table, an icon depicts each remedy with an index key below. Homeopathy is a combination of both science and art, Icons of the Periodic Table allows homeopaths to gain a deeper visual understanding of mineral remedies. The chart can be used in any practice as a reference tool or for confirmatory prescriptions used alongside classical 


'Prefect for throwing in my bag for a busy day in clinic' 

'Great addition to my homeopathic toolkit' 

'Excited to use this on my mineral cases'

Icons of the periodic table, want to learn why was it created it? How can it support your homeopathic learning?

The illustrations I create are their own ‘language’. Each illustration e.g ‘Carbon’ has the image drawn into the letters which helps our cognitive memory recall both the word carbon and the visual representation. This provides a quick reference, learning tool or aid to homeopathic prescribing. Before drawing each series or remedy, I researched materia medica references from Kent, Vermeulen, Scholten to Sherr and many more. Each ‘Icon’ encompasses the core essence of the remedy.

The table was created with the intention for homeopaths to make connections between remedy pictures or a series. Dialogues take place between icons throughout the table. Take a look for yourself and see what you find! Each time it will be something new. We are always learning as homeopaths. Icons of the Periodic table will provide you with a valuable tool to add to your fabulous homeopathic toolkit.

Icons of The Periodic Table

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