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How to use this Workbook: 44 page e-book

Lac Mammal milk Workbook and materia medica


This publication can be used as a workbook for both students and professional homeopaths. Simply print out and get learning! Each mammal milk illustration depicts the materia medica of each remedy source through visual language. This publication was created to be used as an educational supplement. Seven of the most common mammal milk remedies are included, there are many more remedies see full list. Each illustration has an blank page for personal notes, additional medicia medica and source material; with a ‘get creative’ space to develop your own learning style - include sketches, keynotes, or clinical cases. There is additional blank pages to include more remedies to research further.

The aim of this publication is to support each homeopath to gain a deeper understanding of mammal milk remedies and to support finding your own learning style. Comparison tables can be used to support remedy differentiation between the four most commonly used mammal milks.

At the back of the publication you will find a short article on mammal milks as a complementary supplement providing you some extra ‘food for thought’.


Index (included in the e-book)

1. Mammals illustration

2. Lac’s

3. Lac-caninum

4. Lac-defloratum

5. Lac-dephinum

6. Lac- equinum

7. Lac-felinum

8. Lac- lioninum

9. Lac- humanum

10. Comparison table and Materia medica Lac-can vs Lac-fel.

11. Comparsion table and Materia medica Lac-delph vs Lac-equinum.

12. Mammal milk: Themes and article

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