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A4 laminate booklet stapled (Pages 8)

Illustrations by Homeopath Kirstin Bruges

How to use this chart:  Nosode remedies included are both common and lesser known and newly proven remedies – nosodes are prepared from viral or bacteria cultures, and diseased sources.

20+ remedies include - 

  • 8 Bowel nosodes
  • Streptococcinum // Pyrogenium // Borrelia burgdorferi

  • Staphylococcus // Anthracinum // Y. pestis, plague

  • Johneinum // Lyssinun // Leprosinum

  • Excrementum caninun // Diphtherinum // Chlamydia Trachomatis

  • Carc // Tub // Medorrhinum

There are several keynotes to prescribing a nosode - one being, when well-indicated remedies fail to produce a beneficial response or a miasmatic block is present in an individuals case. Each nosode is illustrated alongside their key notes and related remedies. This chart can be used as a supplement to any case analysis. Each illustration is a visual representation highlighting remedy themes, SRPs, modalities and core essence. The chart can be used in any practice as a reference tool or for confirmatory prescriptions used alongside classical repertoristion.  

'Excellent, valuable new information on nosodes and visually beautiful' 

"This is an artwork!"

'Lots of new remedies to examine - excited to start using this in clinical practice'

Icons of Homeopathic Nosodes, want to learn why was it created it? How can it support your homeopathic learning?

This booklet was created with the intention for homeopaths to use lesser known nosodes in clinical practice - due to several of these nosodes not reportisting. These are hugely vaulable remedies for our patients in our modern society. We are always learning as homeopaths. This publciation will provide you with a valuable tool to add to your homeopathic toolkit.

The illustrations I create are their own ‘language’. Each illustration e.g ‘Carc’ has the image drawn into the letters which helps our cognitive memory recall both the word carcinosin and the visual representation. This provides a quick reference, learning tool or aid to homeopathic prescribing. Before drawing each series or remedy, I researched materia medica references from Sankaran, Rajan; Vermeulen, Frans; Sherr, Jeremy; Norland, Misha; Klein, Louis; Allen, H.C. + proving notes from new remedy sources. 


Icons of Homeopathic Nosodes

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