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Trauma and Autoimmune disease

Aetiologies of autoimmune conditions are an extensive essay in itself, for this reason I have picked out only one to describe today... Trauma

One of the main factors of possible predisposition to developing an autoimmune condition is emotional trauma. There are many research studies that illustrate the negative effects of a traumatic event developing into disease after several years. Interestingly to note after researching this link I found that the average timeline between a traumatic event and diagnoses of Autoimmune disease is roughly five years.

A study of fire-fighters who worked on 9/11 - showed they were three times more likely than the rest of the public to develop an autoimmune disease. Other studies conducted illustrate affects of childhood abuse on developing AI conditions in adulthood and others highlight the affect of repeated viral infections in teachers - a teacher is 143% more likely to develop an AI condition than the general public!

Traumatic events can leave individuals in a state of fight or flight making them more susceptible to the effects of long term stress - causing inflammatory reactions in the body.

Mistaken Identity - T-cells attacking a joint
Kirstin Bruges Illustration

A fantastic book on the subject of Trauma is the body keeps the score by psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, which delves deep into trauma and body connection.

The Body Keeps The Score

One story in the book tells of a women, who had suppressed the memory of being sexually assaulted at age 8 by her father - when she attacked a new partner for no reason, she signed up for therapy with van der Kolk. Soon after, her eyesight started to fail, with an autoimmune disease was eroding her retina. In a study, his team found that female incest survivors had higher abnormalities in the ratios of immune cells, compared with un-traumatised women, exposing them to autoimmune diseases.

Homeopathy can be supportive in the healing process of autoimmune conditions, to know more get in touch via


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