A4 laminate fold out Chart

Illustrations by Homeopath Kirstin Bruges

How to use this chart: This chart can be used as a supplement to any case analysis when applying homeopathic miasmatic methodology. Each illustration is a visual representation highlighting themes, SRPs, modalities and core essence. The Inside chart depicts Sankaran’s miasms or ‘types’. The front cover, flow diagram demonstrates the progression of miasms from ‘psora to syphilis’, with an index for each element and astrological planet, e.g Sycosis = Jupiter + water element. AIDS and FARC miasms are relatively new to homeopathic philosophy, these have been included to show the development of miasms. FARC miasm, named by homeopath Jeremey Sherr, FARC (Fungi, Aids, Radiation and Cancer). Currently little has been published on the main themes and essence. My illustration is a personal response to our current climate and developmental state of this new miasm.  Homeopathy is a combination of both science and art. Icons of Homeopathic 

miasms, aim is to support each homeopath to gain a deeper learning of each miasm. This chart can be used in any practice as a reference tool or for confirmatory prescriptions used alongside classical repertorisation.  


How can it support your homeopathic learning?

The illustrations I create are their own ‘language’. Each illustration e.g ‘Psora’ has the image drawn into the letters which helps our cognitive memory recall both the word Psora and the visual representation. This provides a quick reference, learning tool or aid to homeopathic miasms. Before drawing each series or remedy, I researched materia medica references from Hahnemann, Sankaran, Scholten to Sherr and many more. Each ‘Icon’ encompasses the core essence of the miasm.

We are always learning as homeopaths. Icons of the Periodic table will provide you with a valuable tool to add to your fabulous homeopathic toolkit.

Icons of Homeopathic Miasms