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Insecta Kingdom - Homeopathic Themes

INSECTA = Invertebrates, these are animals without a backbone.

All insects belong to the phylum Arthropoda. But unlike other arthropods—insects have segmented bodies, an exoskeleton, one pair of antennae, and (usually) one or two pairs of wings.

This is by far the largest group in the animal kingdom: 97% percent of all animals are invertebrates. So far, 1.25 million species have been discovered. Insects live in nearly every habitat, and it’s estimated that there are currently 10 quintillion insects on the globe. Entomologists estimate four million are still uncategorised.

Homeopathic Themes

Active, restless, industrious, organised

Ambitious // materialistic, showy, wealth and status

Transformation // improve, develop, to make something of themselves, Metamorphosis

Small // powerless, helpless, insulted, humiliated, belittled, used, taken advantage of

Dirty // ugly, repulsive, disgusting

Sudden // fear death, end of the world, short life span

Sexual // high drive, homosexuality, polymorphous

Anger // irritation, swearing, bugging, parasitic

OCD // organised, workaholics, village community

Hypersensitive // CNS – central nervous system

Colourful // need to look special


  • Allergies: inflammation – mucus membranes

  • Central Nervous system disorders (Pots)

  • Skin: itching, eczema

  • Hair, alopecia // Eating disorders

  • Respiration: asthma

  • Kidneys: bladder, cystitis

  • Eyes + // Joints, arthritis

  • Fatigue // alternating symptoms

< worse for: noise, hydrophobia, sugar, heat

> better for: motion, cold


Iron series: ferrum, zinc (silver series, ‘to be special’)

ACIDS: picric-ac. Benzo-ac. Ph-ac.

Fungi: agar. Secale. Ustilago.

Spiders / molluscs / parasites

Gemstones: transformation

Plants: sensitivity ++, Dros. nux-v. Solanaceae, bell. stram.

Others: nitrogen, rattus-r, lyssin, mancinella.

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